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Academic Support

What will we do for your child?

​ Improving your child's grades and confidence relies largely on their ability to organize their tasks, make a realistic plan, and follow through. This is difficult to do! Especially in a virtual classroom. 

Many of the tasks required of your child involve strong working-memory skills. Your child may need to change the way they interact with their academics.


We are experts at academic behavioral change. We will teach your child effective organizational tools. As a result, your child will feel more academically activated, organized, and accountable.

Each student is different with unique needs. Please contact us to discuss the perfect plan for your child.​

offering the following academic support

virtual weekly sessions

organization with customized spreadsheets

student "cheerleading" via text

weekly family (team) check in's

504/IEP meeting planning & advocacy


​Please complete this form prior to your first session.

nutritional counseling & academic support 

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