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Do you blame yourself for repeating the same food related behaviors in response to stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, self-hate, boredom, the media, or diet culture?

Has a healthcare provider categorized you as overweight, obese, or an unhealthy BMI? Encouraging you to seek an ideal, healthy or normal weight?

We are living in a weight-centric paradigm that assumes:

-higher weight causes poorer health outcomes

-telling people to lose weight will help people lose weight

-weight is entirely related to calories in and out, nothing more

To challenge this, we can adopt a weight-inclusive reality by:

-regardless of weight, engaging in health behaviors to reduce the risk of poorer health outcomes

-acknowledging the impact of diet culture and fat shaming

-focusing on the complex genetic, environmental, biological, psychological, and social contributors to weight

If you choose to work with Alisa, you will explore your past, identify your strengths, read the latest literature, and learn effective tools to better understand the complicated relationship you have with your body, your emotions, and the various health behaviors you engage in including food, sleep, movement, socializing, substance use, and stress management. 

Virtual sessions available.

Starting at $150/hour


offering behavioral health counseling to address:

diet culture toxicity/weight stigma

obesity/fatness/overweight/morbid obesity

eating disorders


nutritional counseling & academic support 

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