Multiple Programs Available
We have carefully designed several evidence-based 12 week programs that address your child's specific needs.

  • Nutrition Foundations
  • Body Acceptance
  • Academic Skills Development
  • College Bound Preparation

Our programs

1) Address your child's mindset, behaviors and habits.

2) Identify how food interacts/interferes with their body and it's processes.

3) Create a realistic action plan for your child. 

All programs are interactive and involve your family.

Family/Parent Coaching

When you engage with children, parents deserve attention, too! During sessions we will guide your child through an engaging activity and provide you with helpful tips to allow you to support your child's journey. 

If you'd like additional support, which we encourage, please ask about our parent coaching!

Call today! (503) 998-1545

Specific Condition 

Does your child have a diagnosis that has been identified by your pediatrician or mental health provider?

We will work in collaboration with your provider(s) to identify the hidden connection between nutrition and your child's ailments.


  • Specialized Conditions:
    • | ADD | ADHD | Allergies | Anemia | Anxiety | Asthma | Autism | Celiac Disease | Constipation | Delayed Puberty | Dermatitis | Diabetes I & II | Diarrhea | Ear aches & infections | Fatigue | Gas & Bloat | Headaches | Intolerances | Metabolic Syndrome | Mood Disorders | Nausea | Obesity | Picky eating | Rashes | Reflux | Sleeplessness | Stomach-aches 

  • If your child's condition is not listed, don't fear. Please contact us, we'll be able to provide a referral or talk about other resources we have available.

Telephone and Email support​

  • Even with in-person weekly meetings, uncertainty still arises between sessions. Because life can throw curve balls, we provide telephone, email, and Skype support. 

Payment Options

  • Affordability is important to us. Please call to discuss the different payment options available.